Why are you sure that ROOMDAO platform would gain popularity?

The first advantage users will value is its utility and friendly interface, along with possibility to reasonably cut expenses due to first-hand touristic services supply.

What is ROOMDAO platform?

Except standard touristic services (such as accommodations, car rent, tours, local sights, etc.), users can share their accommodation while they are travelling. Users would value easy possibility to travel around the world not spending money for living premises.

What other tools does ROOMDAO Platform include?

Users could communicate via our internal messenger and video calls, have their personal account with a full track-record of all transactions and user-friendly currency converter (inc. fiat currency) into RDC tokens.

What is a ROOMDAO development strategy?

According to out road-map in 2018-2019 full version of platform and regional promotion campaign would be launched.

Why does ROOMDAO need blockchain?

Blockchain guarantees data storage security and easy access to any information.

How can I buy tokens?

RDC Tokens could be bought during 3 token sale rounds, and at ROOMDAO platform using other cryptocurrency and VISA.

What if the raised funds would not be sufficient for the project implementation?

In case our Softcap is not fully raised, funds will be returned to investors in accordance with smart contract provisions.

What is the objective of Token Sale?

Raised funds would be used for platform development under the current ToR and worldwide promotion campaign.

Which currency is fundraising hold in?

Basic sale is in ETHEREUM, but not excluding BTC, BCH, LTC and USD.

When does Token Sale start?

PHASE 1 of tokensale will starts 1.07.18 Only 12 000 000 RDC for sale at this stage. Rate is 0.1USD = 1 RDC

What is Private Round?

For contributors with 30 + ETH we have special conditions. Please contact with CEO Andrey Dutov for conditions via telegram @androroomdao

Contact us and we will gladly answer any of your questions.

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